Let’s escape all this nine-five slavery

Article by Charlie Wright


Apparently it does, according to my girlfriend last night. I’d just picked up the remote control after hurling it in the direction of Trinny and Susannah.

‘Everything annoys you, Charlie,’ she said. ‘Everything.’

Okay… so make-over TV shows, crowds, photocopiers, directionless taxi drivers, MLM scams, couples who chat at the cinema, the Government, the Opposition, chart music, water-filter salesmen, train timetables, romantic comedies and relentlessly feel-good American motivational speakers with shiny hair…

Yes, they do all annoy me.

But not everything in life. Just the boring stuff.

‘It was all those 9-5 jobs that ruined me,’ I said. ‘They’ve turned me into a social castaway.’

‘What the hell are you talking about?’ she said.

Hopefully you’re with me on this one. Because I’m talking about the reason that you and I are into this business opportunity malarkey.

We’re trying to escape the mundane!

Even when I was young… with no experience and no facial hair… I felt like I should be making money, travelling, writing.

Living like a rock star.

I remember one day when I was working in a warehouse, sweeping the floors and unloading boxes from the trucks. I couldn’t get the coffee machine to work. I kept putting in the pennies, and they kept rolling out.

‘This is futile!’ I stormed.

‘Ooooh listen to Shakespeare here!’ said my co-worker, ‘What the f-k does ‘futile’ mean?’

‘This job,’ I said. That afternoon went to hand in my notice.

Then there was my brief stint as a barman.

‘Are you old enough to serve me, sonny?’ said my first ever customer.

‘I’m 20 years old,’ I said, immediately depressed.

‘You look like a kid. Get a haircut.’

I lasted about 2 months. The pub was so violent that they only used plastic cups. Not disposable ones. Oh, no. They’d re-use these things over and over again.

Everything stank of Pernod.

When I finally got my first office job, I found myself with my face in someone’s armpit on the packed tube every morning and afternoon rush hour. I wrestled with faxes and photocopiers all day for a wage that barely covered my rent.

When I thought of this life stretching out until I was an old man with big ears, no hair and a piddling pension… I got my first twinge of biz- oppery.

See, there was nothing wrong with these jobs. But…

I dreamed of a different life

That life is fine for some people. And somebody’s got to do the work. I appreciate that.

But you only get one shot at life. And I didn’t think a 9-5 job and a modest pension were MY destiny. I wanted to be different.

You’ve felt this right? That somehow, you should be able to live without the 9-5? And live COMFORTABLY… and have FUN? And decide what you want to do, WHEN you want to do it.

I mean, why not?

Who cares what everyone else does? Who said that life had to be one long employment scheme? Who says that we all have to shut up, go to work, take cr*p off our employers or co-workers, and pay a pile of tax for the privilege?

Not Charlie Wright, that’s for sure.

And not you either, I expect.

So let’s make some escape plans

Here’s the best way to escape from the mundane life of commuting, photocopying and Christmas parties where you end up in a clinch with the weird girl from accounts…

(‘Er, okay, less of the personal experience, Charlie!’)

Or, if you’ve already retired from all that, here are 3 ways to make your retirement a bit more ‘bling’…

A bit more Seychelles, and a bit less Skegness.

Depending on your taste, you should try one of these part time biz opps this week. By that I don’t mean think about it. I mean start some research, order the product, or simply get on with it if you know the basics already.

**** 1. Take out-of-copyright books from the public domain (sites like gutenberg) repackage them and sell them through classified ads, both off-the-page and online, and websites – either your own or other people’s.

**** 2. Get hold of articles that someone else has ALREADY written. Paste them onto sites that other people own, and wait for the money to come in. No uploading web pages… no joint venture marketing… no writing copy… no software programmes… no start up costs… and none of that technical stuff.

**** 3. Learn the art of part-time trading for yourself. By that I don’t mean follow a tipster or buy some ‘magic bullet’ system that you slavishly follow. Find out how professional traders make money and practise it on paper until you see some profits. Check out some of the Forex and Trading opportunities here.

Yes, these are only part time. But that’s how you start on your path to liberation…

It’s all about income streams

Once you’ve got a couple of part time income streams up and running, you’ll find them creeping closer and closer to your salary.

In a couple of years you can simply give up the day job and concentrate on boosting your biz opp babies.

That’s what I did anyway. I’m no millionaire, but I don’t have to commute and sit in an office all day.

And I’m only just beginning.

Oh yes, the rock star DJ millionaire Charlie Wright is STILL a possibility. So watch out.

If you’ve tried all the above biz opps and crave something new, then don’t despair. There’s plenty more where they came from.

I’ve got 2 or 3 fantastic new ideas in the pipeline to review, if you can just hang on a week or two.

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