Update: If you’ve not tried this yet – read this now!

Profit Maximiser Update

Profit Maximiser UpdateI hardly ever gives services a ‘highly recommended’ in Insider’s Edge

(Much to the dismay of the hundreds of biz opp pushers who email me every week).

If I give something the official seal of approval it means I absolutely, wholeheartedly believe in it.

One of those rare services is Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser.

Now the name Mike Cruickshank should ring a bell.

Mike’s former service Bonus Bagging has, without doubt, made Insider’s Edge readers more money than any other service I’ve reviewed.

Mike has surpassed all expectations with this latest offering.

“We have been exploiting a casino loophole this last month
that has yielded me £2,000 without any risk.”

That quote’s not made up.

I recently received this comment from Insider’s Edge reader Simon and it highlights the incredible potential of this service.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I bought this upon your recommendation. With no betting experience I didn’t use it straight away and started with bonus bagging which got me up to speed.

But I’m glad I did I now consider myself a betting expert.

One thing you didn’t mention is the forum it is the best I have used. We have been exploiting a casino loophole this last month that has yielded me £2,000 without any risk.

Thanks for your honest recommendation and I look forward to reading more of them.”
Simon T

Firstly I want to thank Simon for sharing his experiences and secondly I want to agree with him.

I should have made more of the forum that’s included with Profit Maximiser in my initial review because it is, quite frankly, amazing.

As well as Mike’s user-friendly walkthroughs and guides the forum is a place where he can update you with even more profit loopholes and users can help each other and ask questions.

Mike’s really listened to his users and made the whole process foolproof.

I really don’t think Mike’s promo pages do justice to just what a fantastic service he provides.

You don’t need to know anything about gambling to profit from this – and if you follow the simple steps you WILL make money.

If you haven’t tried this service yet you can do so here: Profit Maximiser

Sophie and I have spent many an afternoon playing the most bizarre online casino games and banking £50 – £100 without risking a penny.

I cannot recommend this highly enough.

The next time Mike’s in London I plan on buying him several pints on behalf of Sophie and I and all the Insider’s Edge readers who’ve profited from his services.

You can get a 60 day risk free trial on Profit Maximiser here

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  1. Guys, I have been using BB for a while with good results. Even being in New Zealand, most of the offers were open to me. Is the same true for this system? And while I’m at it, what sort of starting fund does this system require?


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