Weekly Roundup – Best of the Web

Best of the Web

Best of the Web Here are this week’s handpicked selections…

5 ways to build trust on your website

If you want people to believe in your brand and buy your products you need to develop a rapport with them. That’s all about building trust and this article from digitalmarketer gives us 5 tips for doing just that online.

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How to get the most from your work experience or internship

I’m sure we used to call it work experience growing up… but anyway, work experience, internship – whatever you want to call it – is a fantastic way to gain real world experience and get your foot in the door in your chosen industry. I got my first full-time job after doing 2 weeks of unpaid work experience. Believe me if you create the right impression when you’re working for free (and soak up as much knowledge as you can in the process) it can be an incredible stepping stone. Here are some handy tips from making the most out of it in this Guardian article…

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Why you should stop watching TV while you eat

Sophie and I try to do at least one night a week where we have dinner without the TV on. It’s bizarre because we actually have grown up conversations when this happens (sort of). This peculiar study found that we tend to increase our sugar and salt intake when we’re being entertained by that flickering metal box in the corner of the room.

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How to age whiskey in days instead of years

This is actually about Bourbon rather than Scottish whisky or Irish whiskey (see, I’ve learnt the spelling). Some clever bod from Cleveland, in the States, has found a way to age his Bourbon in a week instead of years making his business an almost overnight success.

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Why you should blog to get your next job

Mashable have come up with 5 compelling reasons why having your own blog could help you secure your next job. Not only can a blog connect you to the right people (people with influence) it can also act as a digital CV that’ll have potential employers cooing over your achievements.

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How to pose with statues

Deadly serious article this. Posing with statues in a way that achieves the best possible comic effect is a great skill and these heroic men and women (and cat) have mastered it. ‘The Poke’ has provided us with a pictorial master-class for any would be statue posers.

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Infographic: Books vs eBooks

This week’s infographic catalogues the big fight between paper books and new fangled eBooks. It’s a US study so all the stats are in dollars but some very interesting results here…


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