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Best of the Web

Best of the Web Here are this week’s handpicked selections…

The 5 rules of successful failure

A cracking article from Nick Laight about how to fail successfully with a bit of help from Samuel Beckett. People always bang on about the ‘successful mindset’ and how to achieve your goals but frankly if you can learn from your mistakes (and learn well) the rest is easy.

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How to beat the midges this summer

Yes that reads ‘midges’ not ‘midgets’ (Sophie made that mistake on first reading). Midges are the nasty, bitey little gits that come out in the summer to ruin family days out. Here are some handy tips from The Guardian to help you stay bite free.

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How to embed your Instagram videos

Good news! Instagram, the photography/social networking powerhouse, now lets users upload videos as well as photos. But there’s a problem…. Instagram have made it earth shatteringly difficult to embed your videos onto websites. For many this will kill the appeal. What’s the point in uploading a video if you can’t easily showcase it on your website? Luckily the bods at Mashable have come to the rescue with a bit of a workaround…

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10 ways to generate more traffic from your Google+ profile

Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook or Twitter. They’re hell-bent on conquering the social media market and you can be sure they’ll continue to push and push it as only Google can. It’s actually a pretty slick network and while not currently a major threat to the likes of Facebook if you’re running a business (on or offline) you’d be wise to get on board. Traffic on Google+ is growing all the time and it is becoming a serious contender. In this article Lilach Bullock takes us through the basics.

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7 ways to magnify the impact of your company blog

Blogs are becoming an increasingly vital tool for businesses. They give you a unique opportunity to get your message out to potential customers while improving your search engine rankings and increasing exposure. Frankly if you’re not blogging you’re almost certainly missing out. The problem is, blogging is a relatively new phenomenon. How can you really maximise the impact of your blog? What sort of articles should you be writing? Here’s a good, solid set of tips to help you find your way.

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People Who…

A blog that charts in GREAT BIG SHOUTY WRITING some of life’s awkward and irritating moments (as caused by other people).

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Infographic: History of Smoking

A fascinating, mind boggling and in places terrifying history of smoking.


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