How to see films before they’re released (for free)

free tickets to cinema previews

free tickets to cinema previewsHere’s a little known way to get FREE tickets to see brand new films before they’ve even been released.

This tip will make you the envy of your film loving friends. Not only will you be able to ruin plots for them by getting in to advance screenings you’ll also be able to smugly announce that you didn’t pay a penny for the privilege.

Going to the cinema can be a wallet punishing experience. My local cinema, nice though it is, charges a whopping £11.50 per person. That’s just for the tickets, if you plump for popcorn and drinks you need to be prepared to sell a couple of kidneys on the way in.

A recent survey conducted by Halifax found that a typical family outing to the cinema is, on average, around 46% more expensive than it was 10 years ago. That’s a pretty miserable state of affairs in the current economic climate…

Still help is at hand!

See films before they’re released for FREE
(all you have to do is enter a simple code)

Before films are officially released, thousands of tickets for screenings and previews are released to the press and the general public by the major film companies.

They do this for a number of reasons. Obviously they want to get reviews in from the media but they also want to gauge audience reactions from ordinary folk like you and I and get a sense of how quickly they can fill seats.

Getting hold of these tickets is actually very simple. All you have to do is register (for free) with one or more of the film screening websites below.

They help allocate these free preview tickets for the major film companies. Once registered with them from time to time they’ll email you with a special code which you can then use to claim tickets for advance screenings. There are no costs involved with this whatsoever.

There are a number of websites operating this service. All are free to register:

1. First 4 Movies

First 4 Movies offer free film screening tickets before official release dates. It’s a lively site and also offers cinema listings and community forums for any film buffs who may want to discuss their favourite films online.

2. Show Film First

Show Film First offer much the same deal as First 4 Movies. There’s a film calendar on the front page but they’re a bit lighter than First 4 Movies on the extra content. Frankly who cares, they offering free tickets – if you want forums and movie chat there are plenty of sites to choose from. Remember you have to register to get sent the free codes (the calendar is just there to show you what films are currently showing).

3. See Film First

See Film First is even more streamlined than its similarly named cousin. You have two options; 1. Register and 2. Enter your screening code. I do like this site for its no nonsense approach.

If you’re interested in claiming any of these free cinema screening tickets I would recommend registering for all three sites. It should dramatically increase your chances of being offered tickets to films you want to see (at times that are convenient).

Anything else you need to know?

– Usually you’ll be allocated two tickets which is worth bearing in mind. Perfect for friends and couples but if you’re looking for a big family day out this might not be for you.

– These free film tickets can prove popular, especially for the big blockbuster movies. In all cases the seats are allocated on a first come first serve basis so be prepared to act fast. When you get your code emailed to you make sure you log onto the website and enter it in as quickly as possible if it’s a film you want to see.

– Some of these providers offer text message alerts which can give you a valuable heads up if you want to nab those free tickets.

Did you enjoy this article? Have you come across or used similar services before? Please leave a comment below!

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