Hurry! How to reclaim £90… £148.50… £1,387 or more

CPP cheque

CPP chequeDon’t chuck away those CPP letters! Why filling in this simple (free) form could bag you a cheque for £90… £148.50… £1,387 or more

This is an important announcement for UK Insider’s Edge readers.

If you’ve ever taken out credit card protection or identity theft insurance (and 7 million of us have) then you need to act fast.

Dig out your CPP form, or if you’ve chucked it away or lost it, ask for a new one ASAP before it’s too late.

The deadline for returning your CPP form is 30th August 2014.

The chances are you’re owed money by the banks – but if you don’t return the form in time, you’ll miss your chance.

What on earth is this ‘CPP’ business about?

CPP stands for card payment policy.

Remember when you applied for that new bank account or credit card?

If the friendly salesperson coaxed you into opting for additional cover to safeguard you in the event of your card (or identity) being stolen, the chances are you were mis-sold.

And the great news is that the banks are now being forced to pay back the money they owe to customers for mis-selling these policies.

Now you may be thinking “I’ve never taken out such a thing!”

Well, before you dismiss this out of hand let me just say that I thought that too. Yet it turns out that I did take one out for a number of months – it was something I’d completely forgotten about.

You see that’s one of the problems with these policies, they were often sold to us in the heat of the moment (usually during a card application).

How do I know if I have a claim?

If you’ve received letters from CPP (it has an orange logo) the chances are you DO have a claim.

If you haven’t received any such letter then it is unlikely that you’re eligible. However mistakes do happen and it’s possible that they have the wrong address for you.

If this is the case you can get a new reclaim form by contacting this number:

08000 83 43 93

And if, like me, you thought all these letters were just spam and binned them, then call that number and request a new one.

Either way, make sure you do this ASAP. It takes them 10 days to send you a new form and the deadline for sending it back is 30th August 2014.

There’s still time if you hurry!

How much you stand to be refunded of course depends on how many policies you had and how long you had them for. But just to give you some real word examples…

– My mum recently received a cheque for £90

– Sophie (my partner) just got a cheque for £145.59.

I’ve also heard from people who’ve been refunded hundreds of pounds – and in some cases over £1,000 (one individual received £1,387) – so this is DEFINITELY worth doing.

Here’s how to fill out your form and get your claim sent off

I won’t beat around the bush. Those gurus over at Martin’s Money have come up with a fantastic walkthrough for this.

Simply follow this link, copy and paste the relevant template phrases they’ve provided and alter for your individual circumstances.

How to fill out your reclaim form

I hope this helps.

It really is worth taking a few minutes to dig out the form (or claim a new one if you’ve lost it) and seeing how much you’re entitled to.

Please do leave a comment below if you found this article helpful or if you’ve successfully made a claim.

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  1. I too got one of those letters informing me that I was probably due CPP compensation. I left it a couple of weeks and then with the help of Martin Lewis website whose emails I regularly receive and he speaks about this and with the help of his template letters I sent my application off explaining why I thought I was due compensation. Imagine my delight when about three weeks ago I received a cheque for £862. I could not believe it. Did,nt think it could happen to me. I have a friend who threw her original form out thnking it was junk mail. I told her to ring for another form and get it in before the end of August. This she has now done. Awaiting the outcome. Don,t ignore it. Marie.

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