Pro Tennis Tips – Beta Tester Review

Pro Tennis Tips Approved

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Pro Tennis Tips – Beta Tester Review

By Francisco

Insider’s Edge Beta Tester Francisco has been putting a new system through its paces for more than 8 weeks now – and with some excellent results.

You can see it here.

This one involves tennis trading, but before you cry “Arggghh Betting! Arggghh Tennis!” I want to stick my oar in.

I think tennis trading has fantastic profit potential.

Why? Because there are so few variables and only two outcomes in a match (win or lose).

You don’t need to be a betting expert to trade and with the right guidance I think consistent profits are readily achievable.

Over to Francisco for his review…

Pro Tennis Tips: first impressions of the service

Yesterday made my first bet with the tips. It was a pretty solid one, and it hit easily at 2.1. The tip was Nadal to win Federer.

The best odds suggested were 2.1 at Stan&James. I found the same at BET365, and Smarkets. I thought that the analysis they made about both of the players was excellent (Nadal recovering from injury, Federer sustaining one).

Nadal dominated the match as expected and won easily so it was good tip.

The email I received was very clear and simple to follow so full marks on that front. From what I’ve seen so far their tips history is open and honest (in fact before this match they were actually below their initial bankroll).

I am currently using their staking plan, which means I bet 3.65% of my initial bank on trades. I think this system provides better results than just betting the same amount all the time.

This was just a quick review I made from work, to let you know how things started. I’ll get back to you after I have some more bets done and more information.

Pro Tennis Tips – Week 3

About Pro Tennis Tips, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service! It keeps getting better and better and I think with 150€ starting bank, one can already make a profit and pay for it.

I didn’t find I needed to use support but put in a ‘dummy question’ to see how they’d respond. They were very quick to return my email and were polite and helpful so it’s a tick there.

Pro Tennis Tips – Final Review

I’ve been using Pro Tennis Tips for just over 2 months now and I think it’s a very strong service – and one which is fairly priced.

Every day you receive an email, long before the matches take place, so you have time to find the best odds, and place your bets.

The emails are simple. They include an explanation as to why this bet is made, and they include the odds, and best odds that you can find for such bet.

They also tell you about something called the Sven Staking Plan, which is a percentage of your initial bet, usually around 3%.

It sounds complex but it’s actually very straightforward. So with a starting bank of 1000€, you would be averaging 30€ bets. This plan has higher profits than always betting with the same amount.

During these two months, following the Sven Staking Plan, my bank, went from 1000€ to 1350€, which I think is a fantastic result. 35% profit in 8 weeks.

Here’s a sample of 15 day’s bets:


That’s an overall profit of 15.05 points!

Every once in a while they recommend you re-adjust your initial bank (to reflect your profits) so that the Sven Staking Plan uses higher bets. This is done every 3 weeks or so. Hopefully this should see a further increase in profits.

My top tip would be to wait for a match to start (or to get close to the beginning) for the very best odds.

If you have some experience in tennis betting already, then you might even wait a game or two to get a really big increase in odds but obviously when you do this, it can me more of a gamble.

Final conclusion I give this service 5/5.

You can try Pro Tennis Tips risk free for 30 days here

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