How to legally download Adobe products like Photoshop or InDesign for free

Adobe Photoshop Free Download

Adobe Photoshop Free DownloadIf you’re a creative: a designer, artist, film student, web developer… anything that involves imagery or design then the chances are you’ve heard of or used Adobe products before.

They’re the gold standard in the creative industry and allow amateurs and professionals alike to do anything from retouching photographs and designing graphics to tweaking fonts and create logos.

Photoshop is such a well-known piece of software that it’s actually become a popular everyday term – often used when referring to celebrities in magazine spreads…“Oh look at her in that picture… she’s definitely been photoshopped”.

Anyway Adobe recently announced some very good news…

In a fit of tremendously long-sighted wisdom Adobe have decided to give away some of the older versions of their flagship software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and more for FREE.

These are full-unlimited versions of some of their most popular software programs (which used to sell for thousands).

I know this might sound like one of those awful FREE IPAD type offers but it’s not. This is absolutely true, the link I’ll give you in just a moment isn’t to a dodgy website, Facebook page or identity fraud broker.

The only downside is that the versions of the software Adobe have made available for the free download are a little older. However, if you wanted to get hold of the latest version of the software you’d be looking at paying £1,158.

Should you fork out £1,158 or download this version for free?

Is there much of a difference between this software and the latter versions?

Of course there is some difference and you won’t get quite so many bells and whistles on version 2 (this version) as you would on version 6 (the most recent version).

However as someone who has used Photoshop CS2 (the version that’s now available for free) I think this is an EXCELLENT piece of software and unless you’re doing some seriously space age design tweaks there’s very little you can’t do using this software.

Even if you’ve no interest in design but occasionally need to use images or design layouts for your work or hobby I’d recommend taking a look. Photoshop let’s you resize, crop and straighten images with ease and InDesign is now the industry standard software for laying out books, reports and newsletters.

This is a great move by Adobe to get people using their excellent software.

Highly Recommend (and FREE!)

You can download it here

TIP 1: The serial numbers you’ll need are included on this page. Make sure you choose the right version for your operating system – the software is available on both Windows and Mac.

TIP 2: If your operating system is too new and won’t run the software properly you can find tips and workarounds on this forum.

TIP 3: If you’re interested be quick! There are no guarantees that this opportunity will stay open for long.

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  1. Hi thanks for the article. However could someone explain the phrase should only. Be downloaded if you brought a legit copy of cs2? This disclaimer is on the top of the website. Thanks

    • Hi Paul, it looks like they’ve just added this disclaimer! (it certainly wasn’t there before). Interesting… maybe they’re having a change of heart.

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