How to get FREE tickets to top shows, gigs, sporting events and films

How to get free event tickets

How to get free event ticketsThis is a great way to pick up massively discounted or even FREE tickets to top events that normally cost £20… £50… £150 or more.

How does it work?

The premise is simple.

A lot of sporting events, theatre shows, gigs and events often don’t sell out first time round.

Are these rubbish events that no-one wants to see?

Nope. You can often get access to some amazing quality shows with a brilliant service I’ve just discovered.

I can’t give you the names of the shows and gigs on offer because one of the rules when you use the service is that you don’t share this information with people who’ve paid full price.

Rather than have venues dotted with empty seats, it’s in the interests of the promoters (and the acts themselves) to get all the places filled. Even if it means selling the remaining spaces for free, or a nominal fee.


– Full venues mean a much better atmosphere

– They’d rather have the chance to make a bit extra from the sale of drinks, snacks and programmes than nothing at all

It’s a win win. You fill up last minute empty/unsold seats at popular events. The venue and the performer is happy.

The service is called My Box Office and you can sign up for free here:

My Box Office

Once your application is accepted they’ll email you (or text if you wish) with offers as they become available.

Using the service is very straightforward. If something takes your fancy, just click through and follow the instructions. There is a nominal ‘booking fee’ (normally a few pounds) which you pay via PayPal.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a lot of these deals are last minute, so don’t expect to get several weeks warning. I’ve found between 1 – 5 days to be the norm.

I’m often sent offers on the day of the actual event which is great if you don’t have anything planned that evening.

To ensure you don’t get bombarded with stuff, when you sign up they ask you to tick boxes next to the types of events you’d be interested in. For example: comedy, sports events, theatre, music and so forth. There’s also an option to receive notifications by text if you want.

There are some rules (and believe me, these are strictly enforced) so bear these in mind. If you break these and they find out, you could be permanently banned from using the service.

  • If you’ve booked your ticket and then discover you can’t make it to the event, let them know in advance.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions they lay out in the email when you book. Don’t print off your booking or tell people that you got your ticket for free.
  • Your seats are allocated by the venue (you can’t choose it yourself) that’s just part of the deal. However so far (touch wood) Sophie and I have always found we’ve been given a decent spot.

All in all this is a fantastic service, especially if you’re able to attend events fairly last minute and you like to try different things.

TIP: If you’re unfamiliar with one of shows you’re being offered, quickly Google the show or performance and see if it’s something you’d be interested in. It’s also worth checking out some reviews. The write up they give you on the email is usually very brief.

Here’s the link again:

My Box Office


If you found this tip useful or if you’ve used my myboxoffice or a similar service, please leave a comment below. Check out How to see films before they’re released (for free)

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6 responses to “How to get FREE tickets to top shows, gigs, sporting events and films”

  1. Hi can you addvise,i am unable to register with( my box office) dispite entering correctly my email address on numerous ocasions and am told that my email address is incorrect. Also can you addvise how i sign up to bonus baging and how to make payment

    • Hi John. Make sure you include the @ sign and the last bit (e.g. .com or when you enter your address and don’t leave any spaces. So for example: is the correct format. (Obviously replace with the correct info!). If you’ve tried that and it’s still not working, is there another email address you can try? I’m afraid I’ve not heard of there being problems on the email signup. My mum signed up last week with no issues.

      You can get the link to sign up to Bonus Bagging here:

      Hope this helps!



  2. This service is no longer free. Requires you to sign up to a £15 membership fee which will recur annually automatically.

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